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Christmas Box

25 Enveloped tea bags (47,5 g/ 1,67 oz)

Deck the halls with herbal goodness! Our limited edition Christmas Box is the perfect way to give the gift of wellness.

Designed to dazzle, each set includes 5 teabags from each of our master blends, Vitality, Digest, Hangover, Love, and Relax.

The Saristi Christmas Box contains 5 enveloped tea bags of each of the following Organic Herbal Teas:

  • Digest, a clean, earthy blend embodying notes of chamomile, fennel and clove rounded out with a subtle hint of cumin
  • Love, with rich bittersweet flavors of sweet chili, vanilla, damiana, cocoa nibs and yerba mate
  • Hangover, a velvety smooth combination of ginger, mint and a hint of mellow coriander
  • Vitality, with invigorating warm cinnamon, tart hibiscus and the crisp aroma of rosemary
  • Relax, with soſt citrus undertones, a floral bouquet of lavender and soothing aromas of sweet linden and bright saffron


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Saristi Book Gift Set 55.00€
Love Blend 16.00€
Relax Blend 16.00€
Hangover Blend 16.00€
Cuore e Mente gift set 105.00€
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