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June is officially here, so summer is here for good. Apart from some getaways during the weekends, you will probably be spending the whole month in the city. SARISTI saves the day once again with its unique flavors and scents. Since we already know that June can be a really hot month, even though it is considered “early summer”, we have prepared 4 iced tea recipes which you can always have ready in your fridge. You will need a couple of SARISTI herbal teas that you already have or maybe some new flavor you have not discovered yet, as well as some other ingredients you have at home. The only thing you need to do is prepare a big jug of your favorite recipe and enjoy a cup of cold tea while sitting on your balcony enjoying the golden hour.

SARISTI Hangover with berries and lime

Boil some water and brew your SARISTI Hangover tea, in the exact same way you did during the winter. Adjust the amount of tea you use, according to the desired amount of cold tea. Let it cool and slice a lime into small pieces. Mix them all together in a jug, add a lot of ice and your favorite kind of berries. Serve in glass jars.

SARISTI Digest with peach and ginger

Can you think of something more refreshing than the combination of peach with ginger? Prepare your SARISTI Digest tea, just like every other time. On a cutting board, slice the peaches. Add them in your tea along with a lot of ice and finish up with a few thin slices of ginger.

SARISTI Relax with lemon and blackberries

This combination aims at saving you from the hot summer nights during June. Prepare your SARISTI Relax tea and let it cool down. On a cutting board, slice a small lemon. Add ½ cup of blackberries in your jug, some ice, your tea, and the lemon on top. Mix them all together and let it sit for some minutes. Your tea is ready to be served.

SARISTI Iced Herbal Mixers with your favorite fruit

We saved the best for last! The Herbal Mixers that we have prepared for you, will offer you the ultimate summerish experience. If you want to take this experience on another level, you only need to add your favorite fruit. For example, you can combine our Dayafter with some grapes, our Summerlove with peaches or apricots, and our Vitalift with some mango or watermelon. The choice is always yours to make, and you can experiment with as many combinations as you want.

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