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Wild organic herbs and
natural spices are hand
harvested directly from
Mother Earth’s
rich and fertile soil.


Heat releases the healing
enzymes and begins
the oxidation process
allowing the complex flavours,
robust spices and therapeutic
herbs to build and develop.


Healing elixirs are created
by our in-house Botanist
who expertly handcrafts herbal
blends that optimise
remedial healing.


Our fine mousseline sachet
encasing those magical,
healing herbs is delicately
dropped into the hot water.
You patiently count down
as the healing elixir
seeps into your cup.

Meet Our Guru of Botany

Our expert in-house botanist hailing from Athens, Greece has been seeking serenity from plants for over 30 years. While his beliefs are deeply rooted in Ancient Greek and Chinese Medicinal practices, he always pursues new discoveries on the route to wellness. Throughout the three decades he’s been honing his craft, he cultivates his own herbs, develops delicious and unique combinations, and continuously looks for new, innovative ways to solve modern day ailments. His focus is always pure and natural with no-added flavours. Working together we created blends that are not only pleasurable to the palate but serve a greater purpose, ensuring our hand-crafted teas further well-being with the maximum therapeutic benefit.


Digest 10 tea bags 5.90€
Hangover 10 tea bags 5.50€
Love Metal Tin (80 g) 11.40€
Vitality Metal Tin (80 g) 9.60€
Relax Metal Tin (40 g) 6.30€