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Herbals & Teas

Discover the SARISTI experience


Digest the day after, need we say more?

DIGEST Bundle is here for every moment when your stomach needs a friend, to lend you a helping hand in every situation!

Give yourself time to restore, by making a hot cup or a cold brew DIGEST and accompany it with its candle. Slow down and enjoy the moment you have created for yourself…


Why choose when you can have them all?
The ultimate herbal tea assortment box!

A day with SARISTI.

Waking up at 06.00 in the morning is not an easy task, with caffeine not being an option anymore. Need a quick pick me up? Enjoy a cup of VITALITY and let your day begin. You hop in the car. Traffic jam again. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Finally, you make it to the office! Fortunately, a cup of RELAX is waiting for you on your desk to steam you off. 14.00 o’clock: Driiing, it’s the BFF. “Wanna grab a bite?” After lunch, cocktails are coming up… but the day is still young. Emergency. DIGEST comes in handy to relieve your fulfilled belly. 17:00 o’clock. Home at last. Your big date night is coming up. There’s a need for a quick body cleanse. You prepare a HANGOVER to accompany you while getting dressed up. 21:00 o’clock. The moment you were waiting for has arrived. After finishing up your dinner, you share a cup of LOVE with your partner to spice up the atmosphere. And the night goes on…

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