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Why choose just one when you can have them all? Experiencing the botany of harmony has never been easier thanks to our assortment box.

The Assortment Box contains 5 enveloped teabags from each of our master blends: Vitality, Digest, Hangover, Love, and Relax.

These individually wrapped tea bags are biodegradable, so you can sip Saristi while still respecting Mother Earth.


For the day after detox. Α smooth combination of ginger, mint, and a hint of mellow coriander married with the freshness of lemon juice, the zest of ginger and natural grape juice sweetness


A rich, uplifting feeling from invigorating cinnamon, tart hibiscus and a crisp aroma of rosemary, balanced with lemon juice, a hint of orange zest and natural grape juice sweetness!


A cheeky feeling… Bittersweet flavors from red pepper flakes, vanilla, cocoa and yerba mate coupled with the fresh taste of lemon juice and natural grape juice sweetness!


Sweet and inviting! Light for a loving embrace.

Aromatic highlight: vanilla

Ingredients: Cotton wick, food grade paraffin, top quality essentials oils.


Enjoy SARISTI Iced Herbal Tea Mixers and any other SARISTI Herbal Tea ice-cold, in our unique Glasses and share your experience with your family and friends!


A blend full of Aegean Sea and Light, along with precious elements of the Earth – herbs such as mallow, mugwort and helichrysum, and clay transformed into an exclusive aesthetic cup, inspired by the art and spirit of 5,000 years of Cycladic culture.

Let yourself into the exquisite pleasure of a SARISTI herbal tea, through a unique ceramic cup created especially for the Museum of Cycladic Art and travel to undiscovered places and times of incredible harmony, beauty and inspiration!


Calming. Light before bedtime, meditation, or anytime you need to unwind.

Aromatic highlight: lavender

Ingredients: Cotton wick, food grade paraffin, top quality essentials oils.

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