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Spring is always considered the “Rebirth Season”. This applies not only to the people who

have survived a rather long winter, but also to nature, which has the chance to start all over

again. In this kind of restart, it is important to remember our favourite herbs. Here in

SARISTI, we wholeheartedly embrace seasonal herbs, especially the ones whose time comes

in Spring. Below you may find our personal favourite Spring herbs and the reasons they

should be your favourites too.


Dandelion is widely known for its medicinal properties. Among its various benefits,

dandelion may offer a balanced blood pressure, good liver health, low blood sugar levels and

good skin quality. Dandelion is rich in nutrients, fibers and vitamins, which benefit your body

and health in the best possible way. You will find it in our SARISTI Hangover herbal tea.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is another beneficial herb for the human body. Apart from its antioxidant and

detoxifying properties, it is also widely known and used because it manages to deal with

several liver diseases. Moreover, it can also prove to be particularly useful for people with

intestinal disorders, high blood pressure or weak immune system. Therefore, it is usually

combined with dandelion for better results. Hence, we have also added them together in our



Mint is one of those herbs that you can easily grow at home every Spring. This herb has been

specifically connected with the idea of freshness that it brings. However, mint holds a number

of beneficial properties for humans. It is the perfect solution if you want to deal with a cold

at an early point, it relieves a bloated stomach and improves brain function.


There are quite a few people who think that rosemary only belongs in cooking. The truth is

that rosemary is a beneficial herb for the human body and health, especially if it is contained

in a herbal tea like SARISTI’s VITALITY. Rosemary brings its antimicrobial properties as

well as its ability to «activate» body and mind and optimize both your physical and mental



When you see the first chamomile blossoming, you know that Spring is officially here for

good. Good news is that chamomile can literally grow anywhere so therefore we have been

using its beneficial and medicinal properties for years now. More particularly, a herbal tea

that contains chamomile is able to relieve menstrual pain or indigestion. It can also be used as

a useful “tool” against persistent insomnia. This is why we made sure to add it in our


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