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You might have heard about rosemary being used only in cooking. However, for centuries now, rosemary has been one of the most therapeutical herbs whose origins are in the Mediterranean. Ancient Greeks, as well as other ancient cultures, used it daily for various reasons. Therefore, here in SARISTI, we chose to implement it in our Vitality herbal blend.

Here you may learn the ways in which a Vitality tea containing the right amount of rosemary, will provide you with all the energy you need to go through the day.

It enhances memory and brain performance

In traditional, folk medicine, rosemary is associated with memory and good brain function. More particularly, in ancient Greece, students used to ingest rosemary herbal extract in order to perform better on their exams and tests.

It relieves stress

Another significant benefit of rosemary consumption on a daily basis is that it lowers stress levels. Research has proved that rosemary helps in keeping blood pressure at normal levels and thus it helps relieve stress as well. For us, this sounds like the perfect solution for your ever-increasing anxiety due to your daily routine.

It enhances concentration

As a result of the above benefits, rosemary also helps you concentrate better. Especially now that your brain receives the minimum stimuli it needs and it is not able to focus properly, rosemary can do that work for you. It has also been proved that in small amounts, it is able to help you rediscover your creativity and inspiration.

It protects your immune system with its antioxidant properties

Like every other herb, rosemary does care for your immune system. By being rich in antioxidant properties, it helps your body fight any infections. As a result, your health can not be easily weakened, and you might as well keep your energy levels high. All you have to do is incorporate a cup of Vitality into your daily routine.

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