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Transform your life and experience the Botany of Harmony with SARISTI

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Digest 10 tea bags 5.90€
Hangover 10 tea bags 5.50€
Love Metal Tin (80 g) 11.40€
Vitality Metal Tin (80 g) 9.60€
Relax Metal Tin (40 g) 6.30€
Digest Metal Tin (40 g) 6.00€
Love Scented Candle (350 g) 12.50€
Hangover Scented Candle (350 g) 12.50€

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We would like to inform you that SARISTI Company will be closed from August 12th to August 23rd!
Orders placed between 10 and 25 of August will be shipped on Monday 26 August.
We wish you a Happy Summer Vacations, full of harmony and balance!