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5 Christmas gift ideas

These great changes that we are all experiencing this year, will surely affect the Christmas gifts we are going to choose for our loved ones. Everyday life has changed as a whole and so have our needs. This Christmas, you will think twice before ordering anything for your best friend or your co-worker. That’s why, […]

Which SARISTI suits your personality best?

If you have caught yourself wandering around on our SARISTI website for hours, trying to decide which tea would suit you best, we would love to help you. Without excluding all the other options for you, we simply recommend a specific tea based on your personality. The final choice is always yours and the SARISTI […]

When the Museum of Cycladic Art met SARISTI

Wherever you are now, we always make sure that you have a piece of Cyclades with you. The new special edition of SARISTI meets the Museum of Cycladic Art and together they create Kyklos tea.  This new blend of herbs is the perfect gift for yourself, your colleague, or your friends, as it brings the […]

5 beneficial properties of chamomile

You already know that here in SARISTI we value herbs a lot. Yet, you do not know why we choose and trust each and every one of those we choose for our blends. In Digest, among clove, fennel seeds, althaea and cumin, you will discover your favorite chamomile. It will definitely transport you back to […]

5 simple practices to reduce stress and anxiety

We may be going through unprecedented times, yet we find even more creative ways to give ourselves the little break that we need. Here are our own little secrets: Start exercising daily Both your body and mind need a gradual awakening. What you need to consider is how you will manage your time effectively. Before […]

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