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The History Behind International Tea Day

It was almost two years ago, on December 10 th 2019, when the United Nations introduced May 21 st as International Tea Day. Many years have gone by until the cultural and historical significance of tea was finally acknowledged, although it has been on our disposal for hundreds of years. Long before the United Nations […]

Spring herbs and everything you should know about them

Spring is always considered the “Rebirth Season”. This applies not only to the people who have survived a rather long winter, but also to nature, which has the chance to start all over again. In this kind of restart, it is important to remember our favourite herbs. Here in SARISTI, we wholeheartedly embrace seasonal herbs, […]

4 alternative ways to use organic tea in everyday life

If you are used to enjoying a cup of tea in your everyday life, you should usually stumble upon the following question: Is there anything else I could do with these used tea bags? However, even if you use loose-leaf herbal tea, the question always remains the same. Therefore, we thought that we should offer […]

Why rosemary is the herb that will help you keep your energy levels high

You might have heard about rosemary being used only in cooking. However, for centuries now, rosemary has been one of the most therapeutical herbs whose origins are in the Mediterranean. Ancient Greeks, as well as other ancient cultures, used it daily for various reasons. Therefore, here in SARISTI, we chose to implement it in our […]

5 benefits of ginger you should know

In recent years, ginger has become the main constituent in the diets of many people.  Ginger belongs to the same family among other beneficial ingredients, such as turmeric and cardamom. No one can doubt the beneficial health properties of ginger, this is why we chose to add it to our Hangover herbal blend. However, it […]

5 Valentine’s Day gifts to buy for yourself

Throughout the years, many people have turned their backs on Valentine’s Day for various reasons. The main reason is that from a young age you were taught that you can celebrate this day only if you are in a relationship or if you have found your other half. Nobody told you that Valentine’s Day is […]

5 reasons to start drinking tea daily in 2021

Each beginning of a new year prompts us to adopt new habits. We all feel that we have done a “hard reset” on January 1st, which will allow us to put our lives back in order. Currently, our wellness has moved up to the top of our priority list. Therefore, here in SARISTI, we always […]

5 benefits of lavender for your body and health

Lavender has been known to humans for thousands of years. It is believed that its name derives from the Latin verb “lavare” which means “to wash”. The Romans used its flowers to scent their baths or when washing their clothes. Throughout the years, lavender became widely known for its beneficial values. There are many people […]

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