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Fed up with chronic gastrointestinal disorders and discomfort, yet determined to stay away from big pharma, Aristi, our founder, sought the help of a botanist whose philosophy matched hers. The botanist created a tailor-made herbal blend which worked miracles! Drinking infusions daily not only made the pain fade away, but she felt vibrant and stronger overall. It was then that Aristi fell in love with nature’s herbal gifts and knew that her mission would be to share what worked so well for her. And so, the concept of SARISTI was born: an all-natural, highly functional, playful line of herbs and teas.


The mission of SARISTI is to help people see how easy and enjoyable it can be to live better through the power of nature and herbs. The four elements (Earth, Fire, Air, and Water) exist within all living beings. These must be kept in balance for optimal health. SARISTI aims to empower people on their wellness journey through the healing powers of one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts: herbs.

This is what we call:  “the botany of harmony”

Our healing elixirs and teas combine the wisdom of ancient plant medicine with modern-day science. SARISTI herbs and teas will empower your journey of self-discovery, one cup at a time. When the mind, body and soul are aligned, true harmony is found.


Nature is SARISTI’s great muse. Dynamic, unexpected, lively, colorful, and full of diverse creatures, this is how SARISTI moves. Nature also provides endless resources for healing and remains our greatest inspiration. SARISTI aims to unite the world in a cup, promoting inner harmony as well as human harmony with nature.


Slow down and enjoy a full sensory experience. As herbal aromas waft through the air, close your eyes and inhale deeply. Let their scent take you on a vivid voyage to verdant Greek mountainsides, tropical Indonesian islands and Indian highlands bursting with robust spices. As you sip SARISTI, experience an alignment of mind, body and soul. Feel balanced and at peace. This is the Botany of Harmony.

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