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Our team of botanists selects the healthiest, most potent herbs on the planet. We know these herbs well, from their origins to the optimal conditions necessary for them to thrive.

From here, we meticulously research our blends. Tested for both taste and optimal benefits, each SARISTI blend is created with love and care.

Harvest / Earth

Wild organic herbs and natural spices are hand-harvested from Mother Earth’s rich and fertile soil.

Drying / Air

Heat releases healing enzymes and begins the oxidation process. This allows the complex flavours, robust spices and therapeutic herbs to build and develop.

Research / Fire

Our Botanists research and blend the herbs in such a way as to optimize their potency and flavor. The harmony of these combinations reflects the eventual harmony one feels when sipping the blends.

Brewing / Water

Our fine sachets are dropped delicately into hot water. You mindfully count down as the healing herbs steep.

Infusion / Aether

Finally, you experience the botany of harmony. Close your eyes, take a sip, and breathe deeply.

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