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This site (, referred to as “the site”) is owned by “SARISTI SMPC” (referred to as “Company”, having its registered offices at 183 Tatoiou st., 14452, Metamorfosi, Athens, Greece, VAT/VIES No. 800768603 Tax. Department: CHALANDRI, General Commercial Register No. 140266202000, legally represented by Aristi Sarra).


ATTENTION! These terms and conditions apply to your visit and use of the site. By visiting and using the site you accept these terms and conditions. You must read these terms and conditions and review them every time you visit the site. Company is entitled to amend these terms and conditions at any time, by publishing the new amended text on the site. If you have any objection or reservation, do not continue using the site. You may inform us on your objections and reservations at [email protected].


You may contact the Company via
– email: [email protected]
– tel.: 2106833747
from 09:00  to 17:00 on working days only (thus Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are excluded).
Office hours may change during Christmas and New Year Holidays, Easter and August

You are obliged
– to comply with these terms and conditions and with the law.
– to provide full and accurate data when using the site.
– to abstain from any act or omission which could harm the Company or third parties.
– not to upload, publish and communicate through the site material/content that is illegal, offensive, insulting, defamatory or discriminatory.
– not to use the site in the course of illegal activities or for harming third parties. In the event you do not comply with the above, you must rectify all damages suffered by the Company or third parties.

1. The Company shall exercise reasonable effort so that information appearing on the site is accurate, but does not guarantee such accuracy, especially where such information comes from third parties. In the event of errors or inaccuracies, Company shall take reasonable action for correcting such as soon as possible from their having been detected. 2. The Company bears no liability for the content and the availability of external web pages linked to or referenced in the site. 3. The Company shall not be liable for slight negligence, as well as for indirect or consequential damages, loss of profit or income, as well as in the event of force majeure or Acts of God.

1. Visiting and using the site requires your accessing the internet at your sole cost and responsibility. The Company bears no obligation or liability for securing or supporting your access to the internet. The Company shall not be liable in the event you cannot, temporarily or permanently, access the internet or the site or when content uploading to the site is not possible.

2. Protecting your computer, networks, systems and files from viruses, malware etc is your sole responsibility. The Company bears no liability for the maintenance and repair of your computer, networks, systems and files in the event they are damaged upon your visiting the site or following third party intervention.

1. The site content (indicatively: texts, photos, videos, audio files, logos, images, icons, software) and all intellectual property rights therein and in the form, structure and functionalities of the site are the sole ownership of the Company or third parties that have licensed such to the Company.

2. Reproducing, copying, publishing, uploading, amending, exploiting and using, in whole or in part,
a. the site, the form, the structure and the functionalities of the site,
b. trademarks, trade names, logos and other distinctive marks used in the site, is prohibited, unless you have obtained the prior written consent of the Company or the third parties-beneficiaries thereof.

3. By visiting and using the site you obtain no right in the aforementioned elements.

4. The Company is entitled to amend and renew the content, form, structure and functionalities of the site at any time.

Your visiting and using the site and all transactions with the Company through the site are governed by Greek law. All disputes shall be submitted to the absolute jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.
These terms and conditions shall apply to the extent they are not contrary to mandatory legal provisions.


Through the site you may get informed on the products offered by the Company
(either produced by the Company or by third parties) and order such.

Upon your having submitted an order you will receive an automated email for its having been received. Neither the submission of an order, nor the email for its receipt means that the order has been accepted by the Company. For accepting the order several checks need to be made (such as stock/availability checks, credit check, delivery check etc.). Only upon the Company’s having explicitly confirmed acceptance of the order, is a sales contract concluded between you and the Company.

1. All costs for delivering the product(s) shall be borne by you. You have to pay the delivery costs in the same way you will pay the product(s) price. Such costs depend on the means of delivery you have selected and on the delivery address.

2. Delivery time depends on the kind and availability of the product, as well as on the delivery address. The product(s) shall be delivered within reasonable time, not later than thirty (30) calendar days. Shorter delivery times referred to in the site are not binding, although the Company shall try to deliver within such shorter times. If you wish to receive the product(s) within a specific deadline or on a specific day or time you have to contact us so that we see whether this is possible.

3. If a product is returned to the Company due to non-delivery because you were absent from the delivery address or due to your having furnished us with incorrect delivery details, you will have to pick up the product at your own cost from the Company, upon contacting us. The Company will implement a second delivery, only if you cover the cost of a second shipment.

4. The Company may not accept delivery to specific locations (in Greece or abroad). In this event you will have to arrange for picking up the product from the Company’s premises or the place where it is stored.

5. You may be informed on your order execution via email, through your user account (if you are a registered user) or via phone.

6. On delivery of the product you must carefully inspect the product and its packaging. If you spot any problem in the packaging, please do not accept delivery. If you spot a problem right after delivery, you have to immediately inform thereon the carrier and the Company.

You may place an order
a. as a Registered User: you will be asked to enter your particulars and select a username and password for creating an account and placing orders through your account. You may update your particulars, review your orders’ history and enjoy special offers and benefits addressed to registered users. You must maintain your password secret and inform the Company in case it is compromised. As a registered user you need to go through the following steps for placing an order: login / product(s) selection / “cart” checking / checkout (confirmation of billing and delivery information and means of payment selection).

b. as a Guest: you may place an order by entering the information required, which you will have to enter again for placing another order, whilst you will not be able to review your orders’ history. As a guest you need to go through the following steps for placing an order: product(s) selection / “cart” checking / checkout (confirmation of billing and delivery information and means of payment selection).

1. By placing an order you undertake the obligation to pay the price of the product (together with all related charges, i.e. VAT and other taxes, charges and duties, as well as the cost of delivery of the product to you). All pertinent charges shall be notified to you right before concluding an order, they shall be recorded in the proof of order you will electronically (via email) receive, as well as on the invoice issued in accordance with the law.

2. You must pay the aforementioned amounts through one of the following means of payment – bank deposit to Company’s Eurobank account
– credit or debit card (visa/master/maestro) through Eurobank’ site
– PayPal
– cash.
When the value of an order exceeds 500 euro (price, taxes and other charges being included) you may not pay such in cash.

3. Until the price and all related charges have been fully paid, ownership of the product(s) remains with Company, even when the products have been delivered to you.

4. Company shall be entitled to change at any time the prices of the products and the payment terms and conditions. Such changes shall be effective as of their being published on the site.

Invoices shall be issued and electronically sent to you as provided for by the law. If you are under a special VAT or other taxation regime, you must contact the Company via the phone before placing an order.

Products may be addressed to minors, however the Company only transacts with adults. If you are a minor do not proceed with ordering any product. The Company shall not accept and shall not perform any order submitted by a minor. However, as this is not always easy to verify, it shall be presumed that access and use of the site by minors takes place upon their legal representatives’ consent and presence.

Order amendments shall be accepted only if made via the phone and until the product(s) ordered are handed over to a carrier for being delivered to you.

1. If you are a consumer (that is when you are not acting in your professional capacity) you are entitled to withdraw from the transaction within fourteen (14) calendar days from receipt of the product – even when it is not defective. To that end you may send to the Company within the aforementioned deadline a message from the email address you gave us when placing the order, stating “I WITHDRAW from the order with No. ….. regarding the product …..” and your name and surname. The Company will send an email acknowledging receipt of your email.

2. Within fourteen (14) calendar days from your having sent the Company your statement of withdrawal you must return the product, in the condition you received such, with its packaging being in good shape and all documents, gifts, related products and material accompanying it, at the address: “30, Navarinou Chalandri”. All costs for the return of the product shall be borne by you.

3. Upon the return of the product, Company shall reimburse you the entire amount collected for it. In the event you had not chosen the least expensive type of delivery, you will not be reimbursed the supplementary costs.

4. In the event that the product value diminished due to your handling the product or its packaging and accompanying documents and material in excess of what was necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product, you shall be liable to compensate the Company. Company shall be entitled to deduct the amount of compensation from the amount to be reimbursed to you.

5. Company will wire all amounts that need to be reimbursed into the bank account you will indicate either in writing or electronically (we need the IBAN, BIC/SWIFT of a bank account of which you are the beneficiary).

6. You do not have the right of withdrawal with regard to products which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly or products sealed which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery, as well as regarding any other product which the law exempts from the scope of the right of withdrawal.

The Company makes all reasonable effort so that the products are accurately presented on the site. However, in the event, due to a mistake or due to third parties’ having misinformed us, there are inaccuracies in the products’ description, the Company shall bear no liability other than correcting such mistakes upon having detected them and informing you, if you have placed an order. Should the inaccurately presented products have been delivered to you, the Company shall replace such products or refund the price paid by you.

1. In case a product delivered to you is defective, you must contact the Company via email or phone as soon as possible but not later than thirty (30) calendar days from the day you received the product, unless otherwise provided for by the law or when the life-cycle of the product is shorter (in which case you need to inform the Company of the defect immediately upon receiving the product). The Company shall replace defective products or reimburse the price paid for such products (including VAT, delivery costs and related charges), immediately upon having received and checked the defective products. The costs for returning the defective products shall be borne by the Company. You must return defective products in their packaging together with all original documents accompanying them.

2. You maintain no claim against the Company for the delivery of a defective product other than having such product replaced or its price (including VAT, delivery costs and related charges) reimbursed to you, unless otherwise provided for by the law.

3. A product is considered to be defective when its characteristics materially differ from those described on the site (“agreed capacities”).

4. Company will wire all amounts that need to be reimbursed into the bank account you will indicate either in writing or electronically (we need the IBAN, BIC/SWIFT of a bank account of which you are the beneficiary).

To be informed on how we treat your personal data, please read our notice on privacy here.

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