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Why choose when you can have them all?
The ultimate herbal tea assortment box!

A day with SARISTI.

Waking up at 06.00 in the morning is not an easy task, with caffeine not being an option anymore. Need a quick pick me up? Enjoy a cup of VITALITY and let your day begin. You hop in the car. Traffic jam again. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Finally, you make it to the office! Fortunately, a cup of RELAX is waiting for you on your desk to steam you off. 14.00 o’clock: Driiing, it’s the BFF. “Wanna grab a bite?” After lunch, cocktails are coming up… but the day is still young. Emergency. DIGEST comes in handy to relieve your fulfilled belly. 17:00 o’clock. Home at last. Your big date night is coming up. There’s a need for a quick body cleanse. You prepare a HANGOVER to accompany you while getting dressed up. 21:00 o’clock. The moment you were waiting for has arrived. After finishing up your dinner, you share a cup of LOVE with your partner to spice up the atmosphere. And the night goes on…

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