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In recent years, ginger has become the main constituent in the diets of many people.  Ginger belongs to the same family among other beneficial ingredients, such as turmeric and cardamom. No one can doubt the beneficial health properties of ginger, this is why we chose to add it to our Hangover herbal blend. However, it is important to know the particular benefits ginger may offer you, so you can add Hangover to your daily routine as soon as possible.

It relieves nausea

Ginger has been proven to be particularly effective in the treatment of morning nausea for pregnant women. However, if you face any other kind of nausea, like the one that hits you during a trip, ginger will probably relieve this feeling as well. Make sure to consult your doctor before adding it to your diet.

It helps with indigestion and heartburn

Indigestion and heartburn usually cause chronic stomach discomfort. More particularly, indigestion is said to be caused by the delaying emptying of the stomach following each meal. The good news is that ginger may speed up this process, so this unpleasant feeling of bloating can be avoided.

It regulates blood sugar levels

Recent researches have shown that ginger might be able to prevent diabetes. This can be hopeful for people whose genetic factors predispose them to this disease since ginger as the main diet constituent will be able to prevent or face high blood sugar levels.

It strengthens the immune system

Hot tea with ginger is able not only to warm you up during a cold winter day but also to strengthen your immune system against the various viruses and cases of flu. Ginger’s main ingredient, gingerol, is well known for its healing properties, especially during winter when the temperature is lower and our health more vulnerable.

It relieves menstrual cramps

Drinking tea with ginger does wonder for menstrual cramps. Gingerol has been proved to also reduce dysmenorrhea, a state that refers to the pain and cramps a woman may feel during the menstrual period. If you struggle each month with pain in your lower abdomen, try adding ginger to your diet. You may notice a big difference in the way your body reacts during those particular days of your menstrual cycle.

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