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It was almost two years ago, on December 10 th 2019, when the United Nations introduced

May 21 st as International Tea Day. Many years have gone by until the cultural and historical

significance of tea was finally acknowledged, although it has been on our disposal for

hundreds of years.

Long before the United Nations took this decision, India had started celebrating International

Tea Day “unofficially” early in 2005. It took place every year on December 15 th . In this

celebration many other countries participated, such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Uganda.

However, in 2015, these countries sent a request to the U.N. for the official establishment of

International Tea Day that would be celebrated worldwide. The U.N. thought that May was

the most appropriate month to accommodate this international day since tea production

usually begins then in most countries.

Why celebrate International Tea Day?

According to the U.N., tea is the most consumed drink after water worldwide. There are also

indications that tea was consumed in China almost 5,000 years ago. Today, the cultivation

and production of tea is considered the main source of income for many families in the

developing countries.

Thus, the significance of this day does not only lie in the fact that tea benefits humans with its

healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It contributes to a country’s wealth and prosperity,

help agricultural development and fight poverty and hunger.

How is tea production affected by climate change?

Another reason to dedicate a special day to tea only, is the fact that in recent years, tea

production has been repeatedly affected by the continuous climate change. Sudden rains,

floods, random temperature shifts or droughts are some of the weather phenomena that

negatively affect tea production. Now more than ever, countries are asked to face another

environmental challenge.

The herbs you can try on this very special day

Here is SARISTI, we take tea very seriously. Therefore, we make sure to celebrate this

international day properly with our organic herbal teas. These may give you a great

opportunity to explore herbs in depth. For example, Damiana is a herb that helps a person’s

mental health with its antidepressant properties. On the other hand, Linden, which you will

find on our Relax blend, is considered as a therapeutic and soothing herb for centuries now.

Finally, Dandelion is full of vitamins and nutritional elements, a fact that renders it ideal to

invigorate body and mind.

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