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Throughout the years, many people have turned their backs on Valentine’s Day for various reasons. The main reason is that from a young age you were taught that you can celebrate this day only if you are in a relationship or if you have found your other half. Nobody told you that Valentine’s Day is dedicated to love that knows no limitations. So, if you had never thought before to buy yourself something special for this particular day, this year it’s time to do so. Below you may find our personal favorite gifts. Feel free to spoil yourself a little bit!

A bottle of good-quality rosé wine

Wine is probably already on your weekly grocery list. However, this time you need to see it as something special. Invest in a bottle of good wine that you’ll open on Valentine’s Day and you’ll enjoy with great company or even alone. Make sure to prepare a cheese plate as well. Don’t forget that your wine needs to be a rosé one, to match the mood of the day.

Valentine’s Love Box by SARISTI

Of course, we did not forget to prepare a special surprise for Valentine’s Day. This is why we created our Valentine’s Love Box, which is dedicated to our Saristi LOVE tea. You’ll find it in the Golden Edition packaging, along with our LOVE candle. Because we already know that everyone wants to feel a bit more special on Valentine’s Day, we have given you the chance to personalize your Valentine’s Love Box by adding your own message on it for free. Can you think of anything better than this?

New artworks for your walls

It is highly possible that since you’ve spent so much time at home this year, your space does not inspire you anymore. Before you decide to do any major changes like painting the walls or buying new furniture, we suggest that you start with the small details that can make a huge difference. You can buy some prints with playful illustrations in vivid colors and hang them to create your very own art wall. Look for the ones that make you happy when you look at them.

A gratitude journal

This is an all-time classic gift that you have to buy for yourself whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not. Select a beautiful, neat notebook and create a special routine around it. Decide to dedicate either 30 minutes or an hour to it daily. During this time, you may write down your thoughts and worries, listen to your favorite songs, and drink your favorite SARISTI tea. Always remember that small steps lead to big changes in life.

Your favorite scented candles

Movies probably taught you that you only candle at home when you expect someone else to come. It might be groundbreaking to tell you that you can create this relaxed vibe at home for yourself by lighting your favorite candles. This is why we have created each of our SARISTI’s teas with a special candle. Our Cuore e Mente candle collection will look perfect on your coffee table.

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